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Winning CFD Trading Strategies
For Trading CFDs

CFD Trading
Short-term CFD trades, 1-10 days for ASX, NYSE and LSE.
3-5 CFD trades per day with entry, stop and profit targets—updated each day. The 
CFD Trading strategy can be learnt via our daily video reports, tutorials and personal coaching.

Share Trading
Trend-trading for the ASX using Elliott Wave pattern recognition, TradingLevels plus price and volume analysis adds strength to your fundamental analysis. Up to three charts posted per day. Plus you can use the Trade-Check service to have a stock technically analysed by Peter Mathers!

Forex Trading
The major pairs AUD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, CHF and Dollar Index are covered from the London opening and New York session with intraday, 4 hour, daily and weekly charts. Plus Elliott Wave charts for market drivers S&P500, Gold and Oil.

Global Technical Analysis Report   
Our DayAhead report covers the closing of the US markets, offering a guide for your next trading decisions. This written report includes a 20 minute video covering the market drivers indices, commodities and forex.


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Trading Strategies
Our CFD trades, share trades and forex trades come from our research and technical analysis. In our technical analysis we use Elliott Wave theory and TradingLevels® with price and volume to confirm the price action.
Our short-term CFD and share trades are managed with a mechanical trading strategy called Robo trading, while our longer term trading strategies for shares, come from Elliott Wave theory pattern recognition and the TradingLevels analysis.
Our Forex trading strategies use both TradingLevels and Elliott Wave theory for short and long term Forex trading.

Trading Education
Our aim is to educate in realtime through both our written reports, videos presentation of our technical analysis and trading strategies TradingLevels, Elliott Wave and price and volume analysis as well as tutorials and articles. There is also personal coaching included simply by being a member.

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Short-Term Daily CFD Trades ASX LSE FSTE
Trend Trading CFD Trades and Share Trades
DayAhead Report 7.30AM
Report with In-depth Video

Forex Elliott Wave Analysis
Commodities Elliott Wave Analysis

TradeCheck, your markets analysed
CFD Trading Education
Downloadable Charting Software (EOD)

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What we do at TradingLounge
We place short term trades out each day, 1-10 days, which are suitable for share trading and CFD trading. Each day, the Pending CFD/Share trades will show the entry, the stop and the first profit target. If the CFD/Share trades are triggered then they will be moved to the Open Positions where they are fully managed each day before the market open, with stops and profit targets adjusted. 
These short term CFD/Share trades are generated for the ASX, NYSE, NASDAQ and LSE. Take the 72 Hour Free Trial and see today's trades which are called Robo Trades. The machinations of how the Robo CFD Trading Strategy works is also shown to you.
Trend trading for the ASX is also available using Elliott Wave and the TradingLevels as the Technical Analysis approach. A TradingLevels video course will be emailed to you upon you taking the free trial.
Forex Trading is covered with in-depth technical analysis using Elliott Wave with intraday charts for the major pairs. This is a world class service and is included in the free trial.
The DayAhead report is both a video and text report available from 7.30AM AEDT which looks at the global market drivers and offers a market direction for the session ahead.
We are not a CFD or share broker. We are forex, share and CFD trading specialists, placing share and CFD trades and using technical analysis such as the TradingLevels, Elliott Wave and Robo trading strategies.  
This site has a charting program and CFD accounting program, one to one coaching and oodles of trading education. Your free trial gives you access to most of the site. We simply consider ourselves an enthusiastic trading partner, experienced, friendly and affordable!
DISCLAIMER: Trading in derivatives, such as contracts for differences CFD Trading and foreign exchange contracts Forex Day Trading, and other investment products which are leveraged, also Share Trading, can carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. It is possible for investors to lose substantially more than the initial deposit with CFD Trading, Forex Trading, Share Trading. Investors do not own or have rights to the underlying asset with CFD Trading and CFD Forex Trading. Please read and consider the Product Disclosure Statement from your CFD Forex Share trading platform provider before making any decision to deal in these derivatives products CFDs Forex Share Trading from Technical Analysis Trading strategies Trading Systems or any other CFD Day Trading methods or CFD Trading Strategies such as Elliott Wave.
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